Information About Commonly Used Plastic Surgery Procedures

Being beautiful is one thing, but being healthy and beautiful is an entirely different thing. Many people who seek breast augmentation do so because they want to be beautiful. Yes, in some cases it is possible to improve your looks and, consequently, your self-esteem. However, if you are planning to get Cosmetic Surgery in 2015 you should not do it solely because you want to feel better about yourself. This article provides a little bit of info on the most used techniques in cosmetic surgery.


A caveat many surgeons see is that Botox injections have no effect on wrinkles caused by sun damage or skin falling due to the effects of gravity and age. Also, they are not recommended for wrinkles or lines that form around your mouth, as these muscles the need to eat, talk, smile, etc. And finally, keep in mind that they may have some side effects such as headache; bruising, redness and pain in the area where the shot was given; flu symptoms; nausea or you could experience drooping eyelids or transient paralysis. This is the case where Botox enters more deeply into the muscle than it should and you have to wait until it wears off (3-6 months). For this reason, it is also recommended you not rub the injected area for 12 hours and do not lie down for 4 hours after injection. Fortunately, these effects are rare and are temporary.

The best way to ensure that your Botox treatment is a success is by choosing a specialized physician who is certified in dermatology, otolaryngology or plastic surgery, and also has experience applying Botox treatment. One great example of a provider like this is Dr. Halpern of Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc. Also, ask about other options. With your face in good hands, you'll look a little younger, but always remember to choose a qualified physician before all else.

Tummy Tuck

You must be fully healthy when you go through this type of surgery and must avoid it if you have any disease of the heart, lungs or liver or have diabetes. Also, if you have poor circulation or problems with healing you should think twice because surgery can leave significant scarring in the abdomen. Are you planning to have children? If so, a tummy tuck might be for naught.

A tummy tuck should be a last resort. If you have not lost enough weight but you plan to continue to lose more, you should hold off on the procedure. In addition, surgeons are also very demanding in preparation for surgery, so you should stop smoking several weeks before and after surgery, and lead a healthy, balanced diet. So before thinking about a tummy tuck, do your research. For more information, visit the official website of Dr. David Halpern.